Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 9 - Who will I be? And who will I not be? part2

When and as I see myself going into placing more value on individuals, I stop and remind myself that each and every human must have the same value given as who they are as life. Thus I commit myself to place my values one and equal to all human beings.

When and as I see I have abdicated myself in and as separation from oneness and equality, I forgive that which I have separated myself from through the mind, and commit myself to correct the point immediate to ensure no further separation continues.

When and as I see myself valuing people based on looks, I stop, look at what I allow in the mind as self interest and correct myself according to the principles of oneness and equality.

I commit myself to bring myself here within each moment as breath in where I stand in oneness and equality to all that is here, and from here start looking at where I will ''fall'' in my day to day life within the mind to from there forgive and correct myself.

I commit myself to give as I would like to receive.

I commit myself to stop moving myself according to fear as the mind, but rather stand up from the fears I've allowed myself to program within the mind, through practically applying the necessary steps needed to stop and stand up from the fear.

I commit myself to become that which I will be the living example of what is best for all, by walking the 7 year journey to live.

I commit myself to stop and let go of all that I believed and precived as being interlectually within myself and others in this world, I see realize and understand how the word intellect is of the mind and not real.

When and as I see myself judging myself in and as the mind, I commit myself to stop and let go of the judgment within myself, look at the patterns of this judgmental behavior within and apply myself accordingly to not become subject to my own judgments in the mind.

I commit myself to stop depending on the mind to direct me by looking at the mechanisms behind the actions I allow/allowed in my day to day living, and in that establish self honest decisions of commitments I will stand by, apply and live from here on.

I commit myself to take into consideration what is best for all when and as I'm making decisions for myself.

I commit myself to stand by and live the words I speak.

I commit myself to stop the separation existing within me to and towards words.

I commit myself to always bring myself here, in and as the breath by stopping the mind through the 7 year journey to life.